Can I Be Happy Somewhere Else?

Can I Be Happy Somewhere Else?

I’ve never kept it a secret that I struggle to find happiness in my life; I’ve struggled with depression and eating disorders and struggle with what I’m looking for in life. 

Whenever I feel like I’ve pinned down what I need to be happy, it just doesn’t quite fit. This is when I start looking at flats in London.

London Calling

I moved to London at the end of 2015 and loved being in a city where no one knew my name. I would go for a walk along the Thames, just because I could; visit Covent Garden, go to the theatre and I was falling in love with the life I was creating for myself.

One of the issues I had was making friends, because I can be quite shy and didn’t want to force myself in to a group. That was a mistake. My experience there could’ve been so much better, and I couldn’t stayed there for the rest of my life. 

Life After London

I left London after 3 months, running low on money and determined to go back to law school to study my LPC and become a qualified solicitor. 

I got a temp job almost straight away, then got a job in a law firm. I know, my absolute dream! Everything I’d worked towards! Unfortunately, that job broke me and I was heart broken. Everything I’d worked for, spent thousands of pounds and a year’s worth of study. People ask if it was law or the company that broke me, and I think it was the company. Well, the team specifically. I felt useless, like everything I was doing was wrong. I wasn’t supported, if support was offered, it felt like a last resort and they didn’t really want to do anything. I left after 3 months and got a job at an amazing company which built my confidence back up and gave me the courage to go to Australia.

London Calling… Again

Now I’m back in Birmingham, with some money in my savings and the pull of a different life, I can feel London calling my name again.

Everything about London fits me; the hustle and bustle, the anonymity, the huge shops, even the Tube! I feel fulfilled and safe there, even when I’m sat on my own in a restaurant.

Maybe I see it wish rose coloured glasses, but London is freedom for me. I feel like I’m in shadow in Birmingham, like my life is on hold. 

I have my curly hair and now I need a life that sets my soul on fire.

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