The Things I Can’t Live Without

The Things I Can’t Live Without

We all have those things that we can’t live without. Whether it’s your toothbrush, snack size Twix, or that ridiculously fluffy blanket, it just doesn’t seem like a normal day unless we’ve interacted with one of these items.

MacBook Pro

I got this from my cousin for a bargain price because he’d bought the new version, so this massive hunk of technology is my baby. I was convinced that I would never own Apple products because they were too popular and everyone saw it as a status symbol. I still think that, but now I have an iPhone and the MacBook.

I completely understand why people raved about them. I’d be lost without my iPhone. It has all my social media apps, my nerd games and travel apps that I can’t function without.

Kenneth Cole watch

This was a gift from a friend because he saw that my old boring one was falling apart.

I originally didn’t want it because it was too flashy and I’d never owned anything rose gold, but I feel naked if I don’t wear it now.

I have to be early for everything, I think being late is the ultimate sign of disrespect as if your time is more important than theirs, so my watch is always set a few minutes early so I’m never late.

A notebook

This is my most recent notebook from Tiger.

I’m an English and Creative Writing graduate so I always have to have a notebook with me to note down whatever crazy thought pops into my mind.

I always get nervous starting a new notebook; you want this first page to be beautiful or meaningful, but there’s nothing more beautiful than your raw thoughts as you scribble them down so quickly that your words get all jumbled.

Makeup bag

Now, I’m not one of those girls that get up at 6 am to put on a whole face of makeup just to go to work. I’d rather get an extra hour in bed, but I am guilty of doing my make up on the bus if I can be bothered.

I actually have 2 makeup bags, one (in the picture) and another cute canvas one that just has essentials in it and I take that in whatever bag I’m using that day. You never know who you’ll meet for after-work drinks!

Find out what’s in my makeup bag in this post.

What can’t you live without?


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