After All This Time? Always.

After All This Time? Always.

Harry Potter will always be the book series that I return to when I want to transport myself into another world.

Growing Up

When the first book was released, I was 6. My sister would read a chapter each night before bed, complete with accents. Admittedly, they ended up Indian as that was the only accent she could do, but it created a world that I longed to be part of.

When the first film was released, I was 11, so I literally grew up with Harry Potter. I was convinced that Draco and I were going to get married and I’m an out-and-proud Slytherin, with an official Slytherin scarf, t-shirt, onesie and duvet set.

One day, I was walking through a train station in Birmingham and saw a girl in a Gryffindor scarf. We just smirked at each other, and I can guarantee that she thought “expelliarmus” when I thought “serpensortia”. Only the nerds will understand why we would’ve thought this and I love you for it!

The Actors

When Richard Harris passed away due to Hodgkin’s lymphoma aged 72, Pottermore mourned him. Michael Gambon stepped in to play Dumbledore but Mr Harris will always be Dumbledore. Then the unthinkable happened.

Alan Rickman passed away. Snape. The Half-Blood Prince, the man who loved Lily Potter so much that his Patronus was a doe like hers. The world mourned again and we felt it so much harder. Well, I did.

Alan Rickman was an unexpected hero, and he was brilliant in the Harry Potter series. I actually cried when he died in the film because I’d grown to love him, as had every other Potterhead.


I’m the kind of girl that will scroll through Harry Potter memes and show everyone that is within 10 feet of me. I will also laugh and not show you because you wouldn’t understand.

Harry Potter is more than the 50 Shades franchise or The Hunger Games. It’s a world that came at the perfect time, was perfectly written and created something that would last generations.

A lot of Potterheads are dedicated: almost 18 million posts on Instagram, almost 500 million books have been sold,

I’m 26, and if someone asks why I’m wearing a Slytherin scarf, I’ll say “always.”


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