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I’ve done a couple of makeup posts where I shared my favourite beauty products (here, here and here), but it’s been such a long time since my last one, and I’ve changed my make up bag SO much that I figured that it was time to write a fresh one.

I always thought that I liked Revolution make up, but then I got all my pieces together and realised that I actually LOVE them!


Before I start my makeup, I prime my skin with the Hydrate primer (£6) and let it dry on my skin for a few minutes (normally while doing my hair!) before applying my foundation. Be warned, it’s quite a wet formula and I always manage to drip when I open it.

I decided to try the new Matte Base foundation in (shade F10, £5) because I have a super oily nose when I wear makeup. It’s actually a perfect match for me and that makes me feel more confident straight away.

Then I add the Fast Base Concealer in (shade C8.5, £5) under my eyes and over my spots and finish off with the Loose Bake Powder (Deep Banana, £5). I’ve still not quite worked out how to use the powder so I don’t think I’m using it right! Typically, while I was writing this post, I’ve lost my powder! I think it’s in a random bag so sorry for not having it in the pic!

I also use the Fix & Focus eyeshadow primer (£3) before I rock my eyeshadow. It really helps the pigment to stick for longer and it gives a nice even base.

Blush and Highlight

I’m sure you’ve seen my Palette Hoarder post so you’ll have seen my blush and highlighter palettes, but I recently added to the family!

L: Golden Sugar M: Supreme Highlighter R: Suagr and Spice

I have the Sugar and Spice blush palette (£6), Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold blush palette (which has blush, bronzer AND highlight in it, £6) and I recently bought the Supreme Highlighter Metal palette (£6) which is SO blinding that I feel like a proper badass when I’m wearing it.

I never thought that highlighter mattered until I forgot mine when I was going out. My skin looked really sad without it, but maybe that was me being a bit annoyed at myself!

Eyeshadow Palettes

Whenever I write a makeup post (which is rare, I admit!) I’m always shocked by how many eyeshadow palettes I have.

After collecting all of the palettes from old make up bags, I have 9 eyeshadow palettes. You know what the worst part is? 4 of them are almost the same! I’ll write a post about my other palettes another time, but I want to just focus on the beautiful Revolution palettes in this one.

L: Carmi M: Imogenation R: Nudes Chocolate

Carmi‘s Kiss of Fire palette (£10) is my first jump into bright colours and I am completely in love! My go-to shades at the moment are the greens and gold because they make me feel like an Egyptian goddess, but when I put the pinky purple colours on, I’m suddenly a badass whose eyebrow is always arched as if to say “LOOK AT MY AMAZING EYESHADOW!!”

Imogenation‘s eyeshadow palette (£10) was the first one I bought because I’ve loved her forever. When I saw that she was doing a collab with Revolution, I rushed to the shops to find it. This is my glam palette because it’s got such beautiful warm tones and glittery shades. This palette made me realise that I have to have glitter every time that I wear make up or I’ll just feel naked.

I Heart Revolution‘s Nudes Chocolate palette (£9) is my latest purchase because I’ve been staring at the chocolate palettes for ages. Even though the shadows are quite nude, there are a few red-toned shadows which I’m trying to get used to. It’s a beautiful palette and I use this as my everyday palette if I want to put on some make up but don’t want to be obvious about it.

Which Revolution products do you have, and which ones are you buying next?

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