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Unused Makeup Collector

I say this in every beauty post that I write, but I never realised how much makeup I had until I Marie Kondo-d my room and put all of my makeup into one drawer.

I also never realised how much of it I didn’t use until I went through and thought “why did I even buy this?! I’s exactly like this one…” so I thought I’d share with you the bits of makeup that I purchased, used a handful of times and shoved under my bed.

Primark PS Collection

I bought two bronze palettes because they were on sale, and it’s SO hard for me to say no to those red stickers!

Three makeup palettes lay closed on a grey blanket

I got a highlight and contour palette and a full face palette which still has the plastic sheet on it! The highlighters are too gold or too pink for my taste, and the contour powder is so dusty that I look a mess if I use it.

I also bought the Exotica palette because I was completely in love with the bright colours. As soon as I swatched them, I realised that I would NEVER wear them in reality. The gold, maybe but the flamingo pink or electric blue? No way. I actually used them to colour in my August bullet journal spread.


I got these from Superdrug when I wanted to start wearing make up YEARS ago. I’m not even sure if they’ll be ok to use anymore!

Three eyeshadow palettes lay closed on a grey blanket.

I have palettes called Heaven & Earth which is full of neutral browns, Dusk Til Dawn which I bought to use for a cheerleading competition, and Undressed which is, you guessed it, another nude brown palette. This actually still has tape over it so I might sell it on!


When I went to Australia, I was determined to be a bronzed goddess who could surf and only ate vegan so didn’t take any hair or make up products. What a dumb idea that was!

A makeup highlighter and eyeshadow palette lie open on a grey blanket.

I hit the local Priceline (which is like Superdrug in the UK) and bought some makeup brushes and a (surprise!) nude eyeshadow palette. Sigh. Why do I buy so many brown eyeshadows?! This little quad looked perfect for me to take with me so I could do it on the train to work but I went bare-faced most of the time!

I also bought a pink strobing powder. What was I even thinking?! Pink?! No, Naomi, you suit gold tones… So yeah, I used that a couple of times and realised that I looked silly so it went deep into a drawer.


I want to preface this bit by saying that I did cheerleading for about 4 years and we need a good red lip for competition day!

Freedom do these amazing Pro Lipstick collections where you get 5 full-size lipsticks for about £5 but I don’t think they stock them in Superdrug anymore (which is a real shame!). So I have 2 boxes of red lipsticks sitting almost unused (the Red Collection and Vamp Collection).

After a bit of research, it looks like Freedom was a Revolution brand but the only stock they have left is in the Outlet section of their website. If you want some real bargains, then get your little tush over there!

(PS I have the Freedom fixing spray and it’s brilliant! I use it every time I put stuff on my face!)

MAC Cosmetics

Finally, I’m talking about MAC.

Now this isn’t quite in keeping with the rest of the piece but I wanted to let you know why I stopped using this brand.

Liquid foundation and powder foundation rest against their boxes

I used to live and die by the Studio Fix Fluid foundation when I first started realising that my dark circles needed more than a quick flick of concealer. I went into the store and asked them for something that would cover my dark circles and still let my skin breathe. I walked out with a £26 bottle of foundation that promised to end all of my skin woes.

If I wore it for longer than an hour or so, then my skin would come up in little pimples everywhere. I went back to the store and she said that it was down to my skincare and to try a MAC moisturiser. Even after using the moisturiser and a different primer, my skin would feel horrid. The pimples would turn to spots, my face would start to feel really tight and I was never able to fully remove it all. I tried the Studio Fix powder instead, just in case my skin didn’t like the thick powder, but NOPE!

That’s why I tried Revolution foundation and it was so much lighter, cheaper and just generally better!

What make up do you have that you no longer use? Are you going to sell it or just chuck it?

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