How to Improve Your Blog Content

This isn’t going to be one of those not-helpful-whatsoever posts that say to consistently write posts and do other generic things.

I’m hoping that this post will actually help you improve your blog content, but I think that it may divide the crowd!

Write What You Love

This is the most important thing for me which is why I’ve put it first.

If you don’t want to read your own posts, then it’s unlikely that anyone else will. Plus, you can tell when content has been published because there hasn’t been anything else to do.

I am so passionate about mental health and bullet journals that it’s all I ever want to write about (sorry not sorry). You can tell that I love writing about these because the words flow like I’m talking to a friend

Find Your Voice

It’s so easy to start slipping into someone else’s voice, especially if you love their content. I went through a phase of watching Imogenation’s videos every single day, and you could tell because I was using the words that she uses. I started to pick up her mannerisms.

It’s easily done and natural for humans, but people will want to hear your voice when they visit your blog.

If you quote RuPaul a lot then put it in your writing (and let me know because I am LIVING for Drag Race!). If you love using technical words then use them and teach people what they mean! You will find your people when you start using your own voice.

Don’t Worry About The Photos

This is a divisive one because blogging has become so visual.

Photos are not the be-all-and-end-all and I know some very successful bloggers who use stock pictures. Just make sure that you credit where it’s due; I would hate to see my photo on someone’s post and not get credit for it.

I find it SO stressful to have a picture for the blog post and others for the Pinterest graphics and yet more for Instagram and it makes me stumble a little. It’s easy to feel lost so don’t be scared to use stock photos! I use Unsplash for mine.

Never Let The Fear Of Striking Out Stop You From Playing The Game

I’ve had this blog for 2 years (I know, how has it been 2 years already!?) and I’m still scared to reach out to companies for collabs.

Don’t be scared, they can only say no! Follow all the PR companies and interact with them so you’re on their radar and jump on the opportunities they throw out.

Word to the wise though; don’t go for everything. If you love fashion and they have an opportunity about solar panels, it’s probably best to pass on that one. Get what I mean? You have to love what you’re writing (see point 1!).

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