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Rebranding Me, Myself and The Blog + 5 Tips To Help You Do The Same

Rebranding is always tough. Is it the right time? The right name? The right direction? I’ve been thinking about it for a really long time and I’m never sure if it’s the right time.

As humans, we’re constantly changing and evolving, and what used to fit us like a custom Burberry trench coat, suddenly feels like a straight jacket and you feel like you’re suffocating.

I’ve been feeling that way for a while now: about the blog, my style, my life.

You know that bit in Alice in Wonderland where she keeps eating and drinking and she keeps changing? Yeah that’s almost how I feel. As soon as I think I know who I am, BAM. Life just laughs.

The biggest change I made in an effort to find who I was as a person, I booked a one-way flight to Sydney.

Searching for Myself

I’ve desperately been trying to find who I am: I joined a gym, I’ve looked at flights, I went back to church but I still can’t shake this feeling of lutalica.

I’m so glad I found that word. Lutalica. It means ‘the part of your life that doesn’t fit anymore.’

But I can’t work out which bit of my life doesn’t fit. I’ve never been obsessed with anything (apart from my weight when I was 20). Some girls are obsessed with unicorns, some obsessed with pink, me? I’m obsessed with not knowing who I am.


I rediscovered Business of Fashion and I felt as if I’d found my first step.

There were so many jobs and articles that I started to feel excited again. Whenever I’ve felt lost, I shopped; I looked at blogger’s pages and how they created incredible articles and flat lays and I remembered how excited I feel whenever I see clothes. I’m starting to believe that fashion is where I need to be.

So TRALISTY is born. Travel. Life. Style. It’s perfect.

Rebranding Tips

If you’re thinking about rebranding your blog, you’ve probably been thinking about it for a really long time.

I know a few bloggers who have rebranded but I will always use Lucy over at The Literary Edit as my example. She started her blog as The Unlikely Bookworm – if you saw her, you’d know why she originally chose that name. A gorgeous, curvaceous blonde who lives in the yoga studio (not really, but she’s there A LOT), you wouldn’t expect her to be such a bookworm. I’ve seen her start and finish a book in one day and gush about how brilliant it is. She also gave me free range of her bookcase when I was living with her in Bondi.

She decided to rebrand from The Unlikely Bookworm as it just didn’t fit her dream any more.

Here are some tips:

  1. Think about it very hard. You’re not just changing a blog theme, you’ll have to change EVERYTHING. Domain, logo, maybe even the way you write your posts.
  2. Pick a name that you can grow in to. If you plan on writing more topics than your old blog allowed, make sure your name doesn’t constrict your creativity.
  3. Make sure the new name is available on social media. You don’t want to fall in love with a name just to find that it’s taken on Twitter and you can’t have the domain name (I’ve done this so many times!).
  4. Get inspiration. There is no harm in taking inspiration from other bloggers. Find your favourites and work out why they’re your favourites, then you can see if that relates to you in any way. Just make sure you love it for you.
  5. Have faith. This one is the most important one. If you have faith that you’re doing the right thing, it will happen. It’ll all fall into place for you and you’ll never look back (except to do a rebranding post yourself, of course!)

5 Replies to “Rebranding Me, Myself and The Blog + 5 Tips To Help You Do The Same”

  1. For me, I kind of avoided this whole mess by really thinking about the root of who I am; what are things that will never change no matter how much I change in other ways? That’s my mental + physical chronic illnesses, Tea, needlecrafting, and stuff like that. From there I thought about the core of my personality: I’m an optimistic, happy person who’s determined to see beauty and to revel in it, and most of that beauty is in the natural world for me.

    So I based my topics off Life in general, my name off something that brought or sort of represented that joy for me, and my design off the natural world. It definitely took me a few iterations to get everything perfect, and I’m not QUITE sure I’m 100% there just yet… But I feel like doing it from this sort of direction really helps and saves you from what I call “boredom rebranding” later.

  2. Lutalica is such a beautiful word! I struggled for years not knowing who I was, I knew that it was okay to not fit in to a box, but I wanted to have some sense of what I was about. I struggled with very bad anxiety and depression and numb feelings, but I decided to make a blog and very slowly I discovered what I liked and who I was. I stopped trying to force myself to be someone and instead looked at who I’d been at earlier times in my life and kind of built on it 😀 it sounds like you are doing amazing! I can’t wait to read more from your blog! xx

    elizabeth ♡
    follow for follow on bloglovin’? 😀

    1. Hey Elizabeth, thanks so much for reading! It’s been such a long struggle, especially when I thought I knew who I was!
      The blog has definitely helped and I can see how much I’ve changed, even from the first post pre-Australia.
      Can’t wait to have a read of your posts, the site is so adorable! xoxo

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