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Bullet Journal Set Up – October

I am in love with my bullet journal (in case you haven’t noticed!) and love setting up my months in a  different theme.

September’s was red and slightly Canada themed, August was blue and beachy, July was a classic black theme, so yeah! I love a bit of a theme.

As autumn is well and truly upon us, I decided to go for an orange and brown autumn theme (I know, how original) so here we go! Get your pencils at the ready, I’m giving you the dimensions for everything too.

Monthly Calendar

You can’t have a new month without having a calendar but I did it a little differently this month.

I wanted a strip of colour and some doodles so I printed out the October printable from Petite Planner and copied her ‘hello October’. I am terrible at calligraphy (ok, I could totally practice but I’m too impatient for that).

I also copied some of the leaves and dotted them around the page.

Box Dimensions: H6 x W5 (Orange stripe is the top box)


I’ve changed my weeklies a little bit because it felt like there was wasted space with the previous layout.

I’ve put a mini calendar in the top left and highlighted the week. I’m not quite sure why, but I’ve seen it on loads of other BuJo posts and it looks really organised.

I’m also tracking my sleep and decided to do it down the side instead.

Day Dimensions: H7 x W14

Bills / Next Week Dimensions: H7 x W7

Steps Dimensions: H22 x W8 

Sleep Dimensions: H17 x W8


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