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Things You Need To Start A Bullet Journal

If you haven’t seen my other Bullet Journal posts, then where have you been? Only joking! Go and check them out and I’ll be right here when you get back.

If you’ve already seen them, you’re probably wondering how you can get started with your own bullet journal (or BuJo). I’m here to tell you that you only need 2 things. Yep, only 2 things.


It doesn’t have to be a dotted notebook.

It could be plain, dotted, lined, squared, anything you want! Just make sure that you have a notebook with plenty of pages.

This is going to become your best friend (and your worst enemy) and you will carry it everywhere you go. You’ll be thinking about how to fill it, whether you can start again because you messed up a page…

Be prepared to spend hours on Pinterest finding ideas and even longer trying to recreate them!


How else are you going to make the notes and draw the pretty pictures if you don’t have a pencil?

When you have the fear of messing up (like me!), then a pencil is always the best way to go. You can draw, rub out and re-draw a thousand times if you’re not sure that you like it. That’s the beauty of a pencil!

A lot of posts will tell you to buy all the fancy washi tapes and posh pens, but you really don’t need to invest in all of that stuff when you’re starting out.

Get a pencil from Poundland, or from your little sister’s pencil case, it really doesn’t matter. Just grab a pencil and start drawing.

That’s it.

Yep. I’m serious. You just need a notebook and a pencil to start. Don’t get caught up with all the other stuff.

My advice? Just start.

4 Replies to “Things You Need To Start A Bullet Journal”

  1. You say “You just need a notebook and a pencil to start.” But you don’t ever need anything else really.

  2. I’ve seen bullet journals before but I’ve never had one as I feel that it always has to be perfectly coloured, drawn etc.
    Thanks for sharing your tips! I’m now interested in starting one.
    Loren | plaidandsugar.blogspot.com

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