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What’s In My BuJo 2.0

Bullet Journal Closed Slytherin Pencil Case

If you’ve already seen my Bullet Journal post, (or BuJo for short) you’ll know that I’m obsessed. If you haven’t seen it yet, go and check it out, I’ll wait right here…

I bought a new bullet journal so I decided to do another post instead of updating the old one because a little bit has changed!

What I Use

I started with a free notebook that I got from a Bumble Bizz blogger event and it was a perfect was to see if it was something I wanted to continue with, and I did. So much so that I bought the Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook* in Nordic Blue!

It has 249 numbered pages, an index and 2 bookmarks which is super handy. I didn’t want to write in it at first because it was so beautiful, but this is the time to take the bull by the horns.

I also purchased the Crayola Super Tips* which have been recommended by LOADS of other BuJo-ers (that’s totally not a word, but I’m using it anyway!).

For everything else, I just used simple fine liners (like these*), pencils and biros. The Leuchtturm BuJos tend to have a pocket in the back which fits a 6inch ruler, so you always have one handy.

All of my stationery is kept in my Slytherin pencil case which I bought from Primark (you can see what other Harry Potter goodies I have in this post).

Year View and Birthdays

My first two pages are taken up by the year calendar and a birthdays page. These are both super simple so I can check the dates and make sure I don’t miss anything.

BuJo Year Plan and Birthdays

In my next BuJo though, I think I’ll make these a bit fancier, maybe putting the year calendar on two pages and the birthdays in balloons (my artistic skills are straight lines at the moment!)

Books To Read and Weight To Lose

Books to Read

I loved my bookshelf from the old BuJo so much that I literally cut it out and stuck it into the new one. I’ve just added a lot of books including all of the Harry Potter books. Once I’ve read a book, I’ll colour it in and move on to the next one.

BuJo Books to read and Weight to lose

Weight To Lose

This was a tricky one for me to plan.

I have a history of eating disorders so wasn’t sure how to track it. I knew my target weight (with help from my doctor) and decided to do it like a game board, with each pound in its own square and my goal at the end in a banner.

I decided to put a quote on the side to keep me motivated, but I’m still too scared to start losing weight. As soon as I start making healthy food choices, the disordered eating voice creeps back in, so that’s a struggle I’ll have to fight with.

Mental Health Tracker

This is another one I decided to use because I had such a tough time at the beginning of the year.

I used a mental health tracker from The Petite Planner and added my own to help tailor it to what I needed to keep an eye on.

I also use this when I go back to the doctor because I can never remember how I’ve been feeling! Using this, the doctor actually referred me to the Eating Disorder Clinic so it’s been really useful so far!

I have to admit that I haven’t used it much the past couple of weeks because I’ve been feeling really good and felt no need to track anything. I know that it’s always there just in case I need it, which is exactly what I was hoping it would do.

BuJo mental health tracker

Sleep Log and Journal Prompts

Sleep Log

This was SO important for me because I know that I’ve been having too many late nights and feeling like I’m not actually sleeping properly.

You can see the gap on my last entry because that’s when the England Roses won the gold medal at the Commonwealth games! I was up at 4 am to watch it and it was INCREDIBLE to watch! Definitely worth getting up at 4 am!

BuJo sleep tracker and journal prompts

Journal Prompts

This is something I was hoping to use, but I’m finding it hard to see my BuJo as an actual journal, where I can write things, probably because it’s dots and not lines…

I made a table in Microsoft Word, found some journal prompts on Pinterest and stuck it into my BuJo so I know where it is if I ever feel the need to journal. I’ve also used one of the bookmarks here because I log my sleeping hours every morning when I wake up.

Monthly Money

This is something that I NEED because I’m terrible with money.

I made a calendar and stuck it into my BuJo (the dots in the BuJo itself made it a bit too big for what I wanted on the pages), then put a wishlist down the side.

Because I work odd days, I write how much I’ve made on each day and then put my week’s wages in the boxes outside the calendar. I’ll be able to see how much I make each week, how much I need to make for my wishlist items and motivate myself to work harder to earn more.

BuJo Monthly Budget

I kept the design to this super simple because I didn’t want anything to detract from my ultimate goal – getting the items on my wishlist. If I carry this on to June and July, I’ll probably make the fonts fancier and the separating lines more decorative.

I also chose to put this at the back of my BuJo. I read that you should keep your trackers at the back of your BuJo and everything else at the front so you don’t disturb the flow. This was such a good idea that I’ll be putting any new trackers at the back of the book. I’m not sure how I’ll index them, but that’s a problem for another post!

That’s All Folks!

I hope you enjoyed the post; I’m thinking of creating a series of how to use your BuJo, including designs from other BuJo-ers that I love (there’s that made up word again!)

Let me know if this is something you’d enjoy!

This post includes affiliate links. If you choose to purchase via these links, it will cost you nothing more but I will earn a small commission. 

Making a bullet journal is always tough, have a look at what I've put in mine.

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