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Why You Should Eat the Cake

box of doughnuts

It was my birthday yesterday (28th January, put it in your diary…) and I walk into the office to find that my manager has put some Krispy Kreme beauties on my desk.

This says a lot about all people involved.

We have a running joke with a client who started bringing in 2 dozen boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts whenever he came to the office. He was our very own Pavlov (in case you didn’t do Psychology at school, find out about Pavlov here). When he started coming into the office empty-handed, we were all disappointed. I was probably the most vocal – it’s no secret that I love doughnuts more than I probably should.

When I was younger, I couldn’t handle the grease from fresh Krispy Kremes (thanks no gallbladder!) but as I’ve aged, I can eat them to my heart’s content.

Now, there is a point to this blog post, I promise.

When I was younger, I had to watch what I ate because I had my appendix and gallbladder taken out, so I couldn’t eat grease or fat without feeling like the world would fall out of my body. But it was so hard to stay away from everything I loved to eat. Then when I was 20, I was diagnosed with an eating disorder so would restrict the foods I was allowed to eat (definitely no doughnuts).

Life is too short to be on a constant diet.

You won’t put on a stone by eating one of those delicious brownies that co-worker Carol brought in from that bakery down the road. On your deathbed, you probably won’t say “I’m so glad I haven’t eaten chocolate in 25 years!” You’ll probably say “I wish I’d eaten more food.”

Life is short so eat the doughnuts and enjoy your life.

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