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heart bowl full of berries

You wouldn’t normally put the two together, but in the past 4 months, I’ve realised that they have a direct correlation.

After finding lumps in my breast, I started to stress (and stress eat) and I didn’t know what to do. I can’t remember the last time my confidence was so low – probably when I found the first lump when I was 17.

It’s a constant battle for me: when I feel down, I cheer myself up with sweet things and I feel sick after. I think I’ve told myself that I don’t like healthy food, so I find it hard to change my habits.

I bought a bag of frozen fruit to have more smoothies, but that lasted 1 day. I bought protein powder and a gym membership but couldn’t say no to the takeaways. I think that deep down I’m scared of failing so I quit before I can fail.

Which is stupid.

Now I actually need to be healthy and lose weight, I’m finding my fear and lack of confidence are really hindering me. I want to make a change but I’m not confident that I’ll succeed and I’m wondering where my determination went.

Have you noticed the way you talk to yourself? If you drop something, what do you mutter? If you forget something, do you tut and call yourself stupid? I find that I do that all the time.

This stops now.

Be aware of what you’re saying to yourself. Let’s get our health and confidence back on track. Together.

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