Things I Want From A Career

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Since I graduated, I’ve struggled to pin down what I want from a career, probably because I was always thinking about having a conventional 9-5 career.

I’d only allowed myself to think of jobs in an office and didn’t let myself believe that creative jobs could pay the bills, or that they were accepted.

When I finally wrote down everything that I wanted from a career, it felt like I’d given myself permission to dream about a creative job; one where I can use my brain every day, and be around people who encourage creativity and finding another way.

Here’s what I want from a career:

  • Making contacts
  • Speaking to different people
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving
  • See results on a big scale
  • Not always office-based
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Chance to travel
  • Work laptop and phone
  • Go to events
  • Big clients
  • Fashion, especially lingerie
  • Open/modern office space

My Dream Job

My dream job would be working in the International team for a lingerie company, helping them expand their customer base and even have retail spaces on other continents, but why stop there? Why not work for a company that exclusively finds those opportunities for the most amazing brands in the world? Why not work in New York? Why not start my own company?

I know there’s a space for me in this industry, if not, I’ll create a space for myself.

You can do the same. Don’t ever limit your imagination when it comes to your career. You can do this.

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