The Final Countdown

beach on a grey day

As a blogger, when you have an inspiration-burst, you write so many blog posts that you schedule enough for a month. This is great. Sometimes.

I scheduled this post to be published on the 20th August, a month after I originally wrote it. I talk about how the little things help make you feel at home, and how I hadn’t made a decision about going back to Birmingham.

I spoke to my mum the day before the scheduled post went live, telling her that I wanted to book my flight to return to Birmingham, but after she read it, she thought I’d changed my mind.

I think I will always flip-flop on this decision.

I know that my future lies in PR, and unfortunately, it looks like I can’t pursue that here (that’s for another post!). I don’t want to spend another 6 months in an admin role in Sydney when I could be chasing experience for my career in Birmingham. Do you see my predicament?

But a decision has been made.

I’m going back to the UK.

When this post goes live, I’ll have 24 days until I get on a plane to start again in Birmingham.

How do I feel about this? Torn.

It’s always tough to leave somewhere that you’ve got a connection with, especially somewhere as beautiful as Sydney, but I have about 5 months left on my visa so I can always come back!

I’m going to miss Lucy and Helen and my little life here, but I cannot wait for the next chapter.

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