Finding The Right Career For Me

If you have seen my other career posts, you’ll see that I’ve struggled a lot with working out what I want from my career.  I always thought that what I wanted would never be encompassed into one role, that I wanted too much and it just wasn’t possible.

A big turning point came when I was in Sydney; I wanted to work with Ann Summers’ International team to help them expand internationally. When I researched the role, it didn’t quite fit into the career I had imagined. They had a current role in the International team that wasn’t quite what I wanted. For that role, they wanted PR experience so I went in search of a PR job, but was passed over for someone who had experience (typical can’t get experience without experience situation!).

I’ve always loved puzzles and finding solutions. When I worked at a recruitment company, I was the first admin person they had so walked into a mess; they had no processes, everyone was trying to do everything so things were being missed… I went in, found the problems and worked out solutions for them. By the time I left 5 months later, it was smooth sailing and the client started demanding more because they could see the capabilities of the team.

This Is It…

My lightbulb moment came while I was at my sister’s.

I was sat at the dining table alone, reading Creativity Inc by Pixar’s President Ed Catmall. In it, he mentioned how achieving one of his biggest life goals had left him with nothing to work towards. He found that companies would grow like bubbles then pop because something had gone wrong; he wanted to find what had gone wrong and protect Pixar from it.

I looked up from the page and stared blankly out of the window. That’s it. That’s what I was missing.

I wanted to help companies grow and fix the problems that were holding them back. That’s why I had wanted to join Ann Summers – I wanted to help them expand by finding the things that were holding them back. That’s also why I was drawn to lingerie; it was still a taboo thing and I wanted to change that.

Miss Fix It

I see a problem and want to fix it.

At cheer, if a stunt doesn’t work, you have to work out why and fix it. In retail, you see problems with the store and have no control over it because you’re “just” a sales consultant. You can pass the feedback to management but you can’t really change anything. That’s what I want to do in my career.

I want to go into businesses, find their problems and put things in place to avoid them happening again. I want to be a Retail Business Consultant. They’re also called Management Consultants and I can’t wait to put that as my job title in a few years.

Wish me luck!

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