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Starting Your Own Business – The Reality

When I was planning The Bujo Box, I was so in love with the product and the process of getting there, but the need for it to be perfect stopped me from promoting my product from the very beginning!

I wanted it to be perfect, I wanted to have all of the stock before I took pictures and sent them to Instagram, or I was so desperate to post on social media that I just posted whatever I found at the time, which made me feel so hectic!

Perfection or Bust

When I decided what I wanted in each box, I knew that I had to find the most perfect ones or I wouldn’t sell a single box.

This is a load of poop, firstly. I was so hell-bent on finding the most perfect white hexagonal pencil that I spent HOURS searching for it, and completely missed the beautiful wooden one that is currently in the boxes.

Even if you do find the most perfect product, is it worth it? Is it worth spending that little bit extra? Does it add to the value or just eating up your profit? Shop around because companies want to out-do each other. You can probably approach a couple of companies and say that another was doing the same product for cheaper and they might offer a deal.

Lesson: Have a look at all of the options before you set your mind on a single thing.

Having Too Many Ideas

I was so ready to launch 5 boxes, a washi tape lucky dip and gosh-knows whatever else! But I realised that it was silly to buy all of this stuff if I didn’t have a customer base for it yet.

My brain said “yes, but if you have a wide range of products, you’ll be able to get customers from all over the place!”

Not true. I would’ve had to juggle so many different types of customer and packaging that I would’ve spent an actual fortune on the initial stock and had to find customers from somewhere to make it all worth it.

Lesson: Have a couple of solid ideas until you know that your business is winning. You can expand later!

Three white hexagonal pencils that say 'xoxo'

Social Media

I am all over social media on the Tralisty accounts, but I was so hesitant with The Bujo Box social (check out the Insta and Twitter) and I wanted to seperate my blog from by business. This is ridiculous.

The same person created both of these amazing things. The same person is writing the tweets and Instagram captions. The same heart is involved.

Social media is tough to manage, but having 2 sets of different social media is even harder. Not impossible though. I use Buffer to schedule all my tweets and Facebook posts and it’s been a lifesaver. I can sit for a couple of hours and schedule loads of tweets, and if I think it suits one account more than the other, then I’ll just swap it over to the other account.

I also use Plann for Instagram and it is AMAZING! They have collections that you can sort your pictures into, and a strategy planner to help you keep to brand.

Lesson: You created a business because you love it. The people who love you will also love the product so stay true to yourself.

People Want To See You Soar

I grew up the youngest of four kids, so whatever I did, someone else had already done it. I never really felt support for my ideas (or felt like I didn’t) so I would make the decisions by myself and stay quiet until the perfect plan was in place and then barge through with it. I would run with my hands over my ears because I didn’t want to hear the negative comments.

This is great in some respects, but if you cover your ears, you also miss the positive comments.

Two of my friends chipped in some brilliant ideas, but I’m so used to feeling like people are trying to shut my plans down, that I wrapped myself in a blanket and ignored it all.

It wasn’t until I realised that these two amazing women are here to support me and want to see me succeed! They don’t care if the business fails, they want me to try and they want to support me while I do it!

Lesson: some people want to watch the world burn, but the people who really care will light a match under your butt.

Yes, I’m new to the world of business, but these lessons will help you get through that starting fear and help you get started with your new venture.

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