My Top 10 Movies Of All Time

With music being part of my blood, I also realised that films are a really important thing for me. They help to transport you to another world, let’s you escape what you’re currently going through, or even learn something new.

I’ve seen hundreds of films and a few of them I wish I’d never bothered with, but there are a few that I keep going back to, time and time again. Here are my top 10 films.

1. Equilibrium (2002)

Christian Bale and Taye Diggs are government agents living in a world that is constantly medicated with Prozium to ensure that the world stays at peace. All art, music, film etc have been forbidden and punishable by death. Bale’s character misses a dose and the effects start wearing off, opening his eyes to the beauty of the world.

It’s one of those films that you can watch and enjoy, or watch and think about what we’re going through today.

Also, the fight scenes are INCREDIBLE.

2. V For Vendetta (2005)

Another film that makes you think about your life.

Living in a fascist Britain, Evey Hammond (Natalie Portman) is rescued from a sticky situation by a man in a Guy Fawkes mask, only known as V. He vows to take down the government by any means necessary as Evey learns about his past.

There is an incredible speech delivered by V that still gives me goosebumps and it’s so hard not to give any spoilers!

3. Igor (2008)

Igor is a hunchbacked assistant who dreams of becoming an evil scientist in his own right. He makes his own hilarious sidekicks Brain and Scamper and challenges the idiotic King and a cheating scientist.

This is one of those films that the world ignored but it’s probably my favourite animated film. It’s so quotable! I’m just annoyed that people haven’t seen it so they don’t understand all of my references!

4. Hercules (1997)

Need I say more?!

Witty one-liners, catchy songs and a flying horse, you don’t really need much else!

I had a Meg doll when I was younger and I was completely in love with her. I still have it and my nieces and nephew play with it now!

5. Ratatouille (2007)

It’s a talking rat!! How could you not love it?!?

For those of you who haven’t seen it, Remy the rat dreams of becoming a chef but can’t do it on his own. He buddies up with a human, much to his father’s disapproval, and works at a world-famous Parisian restaurant.

It is hilarious. The scene where Linguini gets drunk and talks about ratatouille is one of my favourites ever written.

6. Bring It On (2000)

What a classic.

This film actually made me want to start cheerleading and I can quote the entire film to you (and I have done this many times, much to the annoyance of my sister…)

It’s a classic story: old rivalry, cheating, and going your own way. What more could you want? Apart from all the cheerleading stunts, of course!

I have to admit though, every time people think I do Bring-It-On-kind of cheerleading, I get super annoyed. We don’t do the pom pom stuff, we’re not all bitches but we DO work hard.

7. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

Yes, Half-Blood Prince is my favourite Harry Potter film. This is when we see the darkness that surrounds Voldemort, but we also get a peek into why.

I love that it’s visually dark, but HATE that they spend a total of 2 minutes explaining who the Half-Blood Prince is. IT’S THE TITLE OF THE BOOK! WHY WOULD YOU NOT FOCUS ON IT??

Ok, I’ll stop shouting now, but it really annoys me. There’s this huge build up about we see how brilliant this person is, but it’s swept over so quickly that I was really unsatisfied. I still love it though.

8. The Wedding Singer (1998)

This is the BEST film that has EVER been made.

Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, 80’s music, weddings… This is all I need in my life.

I tried to pick a favourite scene but I actually couldn’t! The whole film is hilarious! From Adam Sandler’s break down to the adorable nephews, it’s such an amazing film.

Love stinks.

9. Cats (1998)

Yes, this is a film of a musical. My sister had the VCR (video for the young kids who don’t understand) and I played it over and over and over and over on the tv/video combi that was in her room.

It came to Birmingham a few years ago and I hounded Mum to buy tickets and SHE DID!! We sat on the front row of the balcony and Victoria (the all-white cat, and my favourite!) came right next to us. I couldn’t control my excitement and I still think about that moment sometimes.

A lot of people don’t like it because there’s no obvious storyline, but I love that you meet all of these characters and then one of them is chosen!

Growing up, I wanted to be Victoria but I wasn’t elegant or a dancer so there goes that!

10. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I couldn’t do a film post without this one.

It’s been one of my favourites for years and I’ve admired Audrey Hepburn because of this film. Not just being a pretty face, but her as a person. She used her platform to highlight issues and was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF in 1989.

Holly Golightly is hilarious and knows how to use her beauty to her advantage, but you can see that there’s turmoil beneath that poised exterior and that’s why I love this film so much. The more you watch it, the more you see.

What’s on your top 10 list??

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    1. I didn’t think a lot of these would be my cup of tea, especially Equilibrium, but they are BRILLIANT. I do have a really eclectic taste in film, though. Have a go, you might find a new favourite!

      N xo

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