Personality INFP-T

I just did a personality test on 16 Personalities and I recommend it to anyone.

I’m 76% introvert, 62% intuitive, 83% feeling, 52% prospecting and 88% turbulent.

So to break that down for you, I’m a Mediator, an idealist, someone who always looks for the good in a situation and is ruled by my emotions. Which is true.

Personal Expectations

My mum used to say that I have such high expectations of people which is why I don’t have many friends. The personality test confirmed it. I create a pedestal image of friendships and relationships, and no one can live up to it. I also expect people to do for me, what I’d do for them (mainly give them my all) and it feels like a personal attack when they don’t reciprocate. But apparently only 4% of the population are Mediator types, so I can completely understand why my friendships don’t last.

I feel unfulfilled in a lot of my life, and Mediators are always striving to be more and have more, struggling with the ‘getting there’ part. Which is ridiculously true that it’s a bit scary. I’ve always had crazy big dreams, it’s the getting there part that I struggle with. I just want to be there already.

Emotional Involvement

We need an emotional connection to what we’re doing and want to know that it’s making a difference. I like having an end goal for work projects; if it’s the same thing day in and day out without an end goal, it’s so easy for us to become dissatisfied and retreat into ourselves.

This isn’t a bad thing though. A lot of people think that being emotional is a sign of weakness, but it’s a sign of strength. None of my previous dreams fit as well as me wanting to work in the International team of a British lingerie company. That desire came from seeing a need in Australia and wanting to fill it. It was an emotional response to something that makes me inherently female.

I’d never really believed in the personality test, probably because I answered what I thought I should answer, instead of how I actually felt. I’d say that I wasn’t bothered by criticism when really it would eat me up for two days. I’d like to think that I was one of those confident, bad ass women who knew exactly what they wanted and worked like a man, but I’m not.

It’ll be a long journey, but I’m going to accept my personality type. I’m a sensitive soul who follows her heart, and that’s ok.

What’s your type?

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