The Little Things

lights reflecting off a bronze floor

I’ve been in Sydney for almost 6 months and it’s been a journey.

I spent my first 2 weeks burning through my (really small) savings and eating my body weight in Domino’s $5 pizza. I got a job and am living paycheck to paycheck, and I’ve had a health scare.

I really don’t know what I was expecting when I got here, but I definitely didn’t think I’d be living my normal life.

I left so much at home: my straighteners, my favourite heels, my nail varnish. But the thing that I didn’t realise I’d miss was my Gucci Bamboo perfume. I didn’t realise that it was part of my life until I didn’t have it.

Settling In

I got my first bottle as a gift and wore it every day. It was always in my bag and it’d spritz it on whenever I saw it and a friend said it was weird if I wasn’t wearing it. So when I realised that I’d left it at home, I felt a bit lost. I went in search of it and found it in a chemist, but I refused to pay $90 for it.

My first treat was to start my Nails Inc collection again (this post talks about my Nails Inc obsession) and when I saw Bamboo on sale, I had to get it.

As soon as I got home, I sprayed it everywhere; in my closet, over my coat, even over my shoes! It smelled like I was home.

Making The Decision

I’ve been really struggling with the decision of going home after six months, and smelling this perfume has made me realise that I’ve settled really well here. Having said that, the decision is yet to be made.

Until it is, I’ll be over here smelling like Gucci Bamboo.

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