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Watch Me Shine

On the morning of a really important interview, I struggled. Big time.

Mum woke me up because I’d slept through my alarm (curse not being able to sleep because of nerves!!), and I went to her office to print off my portfolio for the interview. It wouldn’t print.

She dropped me off at home to collect my laptop and drove me to the station where I jumped on the train as the doors closed. When I got off at my stop, there was no Swift Collector for my bus pass top up. Cue the frantic rush to find a cash point.

The first one I found was out of order. The second only dispensed £20 notes so I had to run into a shop for change. As I came out of the shop, my bus sailed passed me. 30 minutes wait until the next one. Great.

I called my mum in tears. This was the second time I’d cried and it was only 9 am. She lent me some money and I ordered an Uber to take me to my interview location.

Luckily, my sister works in the same office block so she was able to print off my portfolio and listen to me retell my horrific morning. I also told the gorgeous man in Costa about my horrific morning and his smile alone helped brighten my morning.

As I typed this, I was sat in Costa with a skinny latte, listening to my Girl Power songs to boost me up.

First on the list was Watch Me Shine from Legally Blonde. Then Rescue by Yuna, which talks about being your own hero. These always help to lift my mood.

When I got to the interview, the Office Manager told me that the interview was the week after.

That was it. I locked myself in a toilet cubicle and cried. I wasn’t sure that I could get through the rest of the day without having a breakdown. My sister came to see how I was and persuaded me to go to work.

It was a horrible 5 hours, but I got through it. At times, I didn’t think it was possible but I surprise myself sometimes with how strong I can be.

So the next time you think you can’t get through the tough times, find a song that inspires you and blast it in your earphones.

It’s just a bad day, not a bad life, and you can get through anything. Let’s do it together.

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