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12 Must Have Items From Ann Summers

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In previous Lingerie Line Up posts, I have featured various brands, but this month, I’m going to only feature one: Ann Summers.

Ann Summers was the first brand that I bought ‘sexy’ underwear from and I wanted to showcase the amazing pieces they have at the moment.

I truly believe that lingerie is a personal experience; having someone to show is just an added bonus that some choose to have. As a single girl, I wear lingerie to make myself feel like a superhero, paint my nails red, curl my hair and put on make-up. All for myself.

Featured Pieces


Audrina is one of those sets that you can actually wear underneath your clothes for everyday wear.

The best thing about Audrina? It comes in teal or red – think sex red so there’s no way that you won’t feel like a red hot babe in these.

  • Plunge bra – £32 (currently £16 for red or £25.60 for teal)
  • Waspie – £25 (currently £12.50 for red or £20 for teal)
  • Lace-up Basque (red) – £70 (currently £35)
  • Basque (teal) – £60 (currently £48)
  • Thong – £14 (currently £7 for red or £11.20 for teal)
  • Short – £18 (currently £9 for red or £14.40 for teal)

They also have a shell pink corset, a purple thong, bumless Brazilians, and a shell strappy bra, but these have very limited sizes as it’s old stock.


This is the longline bra, but they also do a plunge bra, along with the waspie, thong and body. They also have it in black AND it’s all on sale!

  • Longline bra – £28 (currently £19.60) up to size 38DD
  • Plunge bra – £32 (currently £22.40) up to size 38G
  • Waspie – £25 (currently £17.50)
  • Thong – £14 (currently £9.80)
  • Brief – £16 (currently £11.20)
  • Body – £50 (currently £35)

It’s so luxurious that you only need to slip it on under your fluffy dressing gown to feel like a goddess. A full set will cost you £47 while on sale so how can you say no to that??


Can you say “Goddayyyuuummmmm!!”

You cannot walk past Gabriella and not want to put it on, I feel super sad that I’ve already spent my weekly allowance so I can’t buy it for a couple of weeks!

  • Longline bra – £34
  • Body – £50
  • Thong – £16
  • Brazilian – £18
  • Suspender belt – £26

Yes, you can just get a bra and pants, but you have to get the suspender belt. Imagine rocking into work in a dress with this underneath it? You’ll feel so confident that people will actually wonder why.

Lipsy Lori Print Wrap

I bet you didn’t know that Ann Summers now has a range of Lipsy underwear and clothing.

When I was looking through their range, I kept coming back to this wrap and it’s stunning! Satin feel with matching bra, thong, and pyjamas, you might as well get them all!

  • Wrap – £40
  • Longline bra – £28
  • Thong – £12
  • Cami top – £22
  • Shorts – £20

You should never forget that Ann Summers does more than just lingerie so it’s always worth having a click on their website to see what takes your fancy.

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I obviously couldn’t feature all of my favourites, so here are some others on my wishlist that I wanted to share with you.

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    1. Hi Fleur, the featured image is from their Valentine’s edition last year so is no longer available. I’m in the process of making an updated post seeing as this was posted a year ago xo

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