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Lingerie is a basic female right, right?

Lingerie isn’t just for our significant other, it’s for us. So raise your hand if you want sexy lingerie! Now raise your hand if your bust is bigger than 36E (UK) / 14E (AUS) / 80G (EUR).

Size Matters

Ok so everyone who raised their hand, you can’t shop at Agent Provocateur. Or Calvin Klein. Good news is you can shop at Victoria’s Secret, but you only have 16 bras to choose from, according to their website.

The most depressing thing? If you go to Cotton On Body and filter for 16E bras, they’re all maternity!! MATERNITY!!

Since when did having a 16E mean we were creating human life and preparing to feed it?! That’s ridiculous. And I feel a little offended actually.

Seeing as there are around 8,194,000 women aged between 15 and 64 in Australia according to CountryMeters, I apologise on behalf of every lingerie retailer in Australia.

BUT I’m going to introduce you to two amazing lingerie stores from the UK. Ladies, please welcome Boux Avenue and Ann Summers.

Boux Avenue

So Boux Avenue (the words rhyme, just in case you weren’t sure how to pronounce it!) is amazing.

Boux Avenue Chloe plunge bra and brazilian

They go up to a 18G (AUS) / 40G (UK) and are so supportive, even the plunge bras. I’m a huge fan of the Chloe sets because they’re covered in delicate lace, with matching shorts or thong (that doesn’t feel like a cheese wire wedged between your bum cheeks), and come in balconette or plunge, and a huge range of colours to suit whatever you’re wearing. I’ve had about 6 sets from Boux Avenue in the past few years and they are worth every penny.

Just have a look at their Instagram and you’ll understand why I’m heartbroken that they’re not in Australia yet.

Ann Summers

If you want something a little sexier, then look no further than Ann Summers.

Your one-stop shop for a night in alone or with your partner, you can get it all here. Lingerie, toys, even things for a raucous hen night!

Ann Summers Flirtini Plunge bra, thong and suspender belt

I used to work for Ann Summers as a Party Ambassador and it was so much fun! I got a discount on everything which was helpful seeing as Ann Summers was my first stop if I knew I was having a big night with a partner.

They have suspender belts, cheese-wire thongs, basques, babydolls, corsets… Everything you (and your alter ego) could ever want.

Some bras go up to a 44H (22G AUS) so they have something for everyone and you can feel incredible whatever your size.

Now you have no excuse to not buy yourself lingerie.

It’s not just for your significant other – it’s your RIGHT to have lingerie that makes you feel incredible.

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