BBC Good Food Show at Birmingham’s NEC

BBC Good Food Show at Birmingham’s NEC

Grace from RewiredPR came through AGAIN with amazing tickets for me and a plus one to attend the BBC Good Food Show at the NEC in Birmingham and this time, I took my Mama.

We got there just after 9 am and it was such a good time to go. There were only a few others wandering around the exhibition and that meant that I managed to get loads of photos and talk to a lot of the stands.

The Fudge Kitchen

Fudge Kitchen stand     Assortment of fudge slices

The Fudge Kitchen was probably my favourite stand because both of the guys there were full of life and welcomed me like we were friends (instead of the usual hard-sell that one of the nail ladies did!).

You’re probably wondering about the fudge and I can confirm that it was delicious. I tried the salted caramel fudge (obvs!) and it just melted in my mouth. It was smooth and creamy and the bite of salt at the end just filled my heart with joy.

Unfortunately, the price did not. £4.50 for a slice of fudge was a touch out of budget for me, but I think I’ll always regret not getting a piece.

The Continental Bakery

Vanilla and chocolate oreo muffins     giant cupcakes


Ok, so they’re muffins, but look at them! They’re HUGE!

I was lucky to grab this shot super early in the day because when I went back to get a doughnut, they were completely surrounded and I didn’t get a chance to buy one.

With doughnuts costing £2.50 and the cakes costing £3, they’re worth every penny. I couldn’t actually find their website or social media so if anyone finds it, please let me know so I can link them!!


lakeland shop     Lakeland baking tins on display

I can’t call this a stall because it was the size of an actual shop, but I spotted these adorable biscuit tins as we passed.

I wanted one but Mum said no (boo, Mum, boo!), but I got lost in there for a while! They had some incredible bits and bobs so if you love Lakeland, then you would’ve loved that section.

Edinburgh Gin

Edinburgh Gin stand     Edinburgh Gin stand from an angle

The first of many gin photos, I can assure you!

There were probably 15 gin stands, and Mum tried almost all of them (I’m not really a gin girl).

Mum tried this while I was off hunting for more fudge but she really liked the Rhubarb and Ginger gin. Again, I wish I’d bought some, but we would’ve spent an absolute fortune if we’d bought from every stall!

Tipsy Tart

Tipsy Tart stand     Bottles of Tispy Tart vodka

The Tipsy Tart is one of those companies that you can’t walk past without laughing and being drawn in!

Everything is wonky (as you can see from the pictures) and it’s just genius branding! I was confused when I first saw it but it’s amazing!

I really wish I’d had a chance to taste some of their vodkas but I’d had so much gin that I was getting a bit of a headache. £18 for a 200ml bottle means that I’m ordering some of the Pink Grapefruit vodka for my summer cocktails and I’ll meet you on the beach!

Confectionately Yours

Block of chocolate by Confectionately Yours     Variety of truffles by Confectionately Yours

Confectionately Yours is like Hotel Chocolat for the people.

Handcrafted chocolate blocks, delicious little truffles, you can’t go wrong really!

I tried the chocolate orange and Mum the white chocolate and raspberry (I think she’s actually addicted to that flavour…) and we made the same face at the same time as the chocolate just melted… I think I even did that weird eye roll thing that means pure joy…

Looking back, I wish I’d got one of the Eton Mess small bars because my mouth is watering just thinking about them…


Wallaroo exhibition stand with member of staff

I had to give Wallaroo their own paragraph, partly because Swati is just the smiliest lady, and partly because the chips were delicious.

They sell offer dried mango slices, coconut chips and pineapple chunks and they’re actually really yummy! I know I sound surprised, but that’s because I was. I had this idea that dried fruit was gross and tasteless, but these were chewy and tasted exactly how what they were meant to! The pineapple was still chewy and still had a bit of juice… Yum.

The best bit? The bags are compostable so no waste!! You can’t get a better company than that!

Spice N Tice

Spice n Tice exhibition stand     Spice n Tice spice mixes

Spice N Tice was one of those stalls that you can’t walk past.

The bright colours, the variety of products… And all from their Mum’s recipes!

On the back of every pack is a shopping list and a recipe so they don’t leave you in the dark, and they have so many different styles that you’re bound to find something you like.

They’ve got meatballs, curries, chicken rubs… I really wish I’d got one but Mum had already wandered off and I had to find her before she got lost (she’s only 5’2… Easy to lose.)


Flapjackey signage     Display of flapjacks

This is actually the BEST flapjack I’ve ever eaten.

Not even exaggerating.

Flapjackery had so many flavours that we were going to come back after we made a decision, but the man told us that he had no more stock so we had to make a decision. We picked the blackcurrant and apple one and it looked so incredible that I didn’t want to wait to eat it.

Mum persuaded me to leave it until we got home to share with my sister (boo, Mum, boo) and it was a really good idea. We split it into thirds and I still had to leave half on my third until the next day! It was so rich and moist that I just couldn’t eat it all in one go!

Flower & White

Flower and White exhibition stand

Boxes of Flower and White meringue bars  Boxes of Flower & White meringue drops

Flower & White are the everyman’s Carluccio’s.

They have meringues the size of your hand, meringue drops, meringue bars… Basically, they fulfil your meringue fantasies.

Mum loved meringue and I couldn’t tear her away without her buying a bag of 10 meringue bars. 10. She has 10 raspberry meringue bars sat in front of the tv and they’re calling my name. Do you think she’d notice if I had one…?

They have amazing flavours like caramel, pistachio, lemon… Guess which one is my favourite!

Other Stalls

There were so many other stalls that I managed to get pictures of but not try anything so I wanted to mention them here so you can go and check them out.

Zinger Shots

Whiskey Bar (Tomintoul / Glencadam / Old Ballantruan)


The Chocolate Fondue Company

Pig In The Middle

Northern Brownies

Salcombe Gin

Masons Yorkshire Gin

Tickets to the event were gifted by RewiredPR.

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