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I’ve been in Australia for 6 weeks now and I find myself shopping every week (yes, Mum, I know. I’m sorry!)

Unfortunately, the best brands in England haven’t expanded to Australia yet, so I’ve been running around trying to find them for you.

You can thank me later!


If you’ve ever walked into Superdrug, you’ll know why it’s so important to find it’s Australian sister. 

Priceline is it. Its points card is even called Priceline Sisters, coincidence? I think not!

Priceline is everywhere, and it has everything Superdrug has, but it also has brands you’ll never see in England, like Covergirl (easy, breezy, beautiful!)

Do it. Priceline is my lifesaver.


There’s NOTHING like Primark here. And that makes me sad.

The closest I’ve found is Cotton On. You can get a playsuit for about $20 but the material is thin or feels a bit fake, unlike Primark whose quality is actually pretty good for the price.

I’ve noticed though that most places size in Small, Medium and Large though, so always try things on before you buy them (especially sale things as you can’t return them).

Debenhams / House of Fraser

In Australia, it’s Myer and David Jones.

Huge department stores with loads of brands inside, but I went into Myer Westfield Sydney yesterday and it felt like an abandoned hospital.

It was all white and quiet and looked like no one really cared about it anymore. They’d put the sale items behind two grey boards so they could hide the fact that they hadn’t sold the stock they thought were going to be a hit.

I wouldn’t recommend it.

David Jones, on the other hand, is awesome.

It has a similar layout to Debenhams and HOF, with little concessions everywhere. If you walk in at ground level, you’ll walk straight into Prada and Chanel, making you think that they’re not part of the elite club anymore. Alas, the prices are still only for the fortunate, but at least you don’t have to sneak in to touch the bags.

Boux Avenue


This is not a drill. There is nothing like Boux Avenue!

If you have a bigger bust like me, you’ll be brand-loyal by now, and Boux Avenue is my main bae.

Since I discovered them, I’ve bought about 10 sets of underwear.  The bras fit perfectly, the pants actually cover your bum instead of those strings of material, and they last for EVER.

But not to worry my pretties. Boux Avenue delivers to Australia. Result!!

Make sure you get fitted before you leave the UK so you can order your size (they still keep the UK sizes on their website). You even get to take advantage of their deals (hello Chloe set for £25!)


Don’t panic, they have H&M here. And it’s AWESOME.

If you’re working in an office, H&M has everything for your work wardrobe.

Australia is annoying because it’ll be cold in the office (curse you, air-con!) but warm whenever you leave the building, so you don’t need your long-sleeved tops and tights, just get some of these slacks and one of these shirts in every colour and pattern, and you’re set. Plus they’re pretty cheap, and it feels like home when you look in the mirror.

So if you decide to move abroad, make sure you check out which shops they have and stock up on what you need.

Happy travelling!

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