Back in November, I wrote a post about where to find amazing t-shirts, and Poppy Apparel was featured on that list. They emailed me after finding me on Instagram and offered me the chance to be a Brand Ambassador so I went to check them out.

They had some SUPER cute things; tees, two pieces, dresses… You name it, they have it.

I signed up to be an Ambassador (mainly because they gave me a discount code) and decided to finally order a couple of tees (a GEEK one (which has been removed) and this R’n’B one). I wasn’t very happy about the prices, but the 15% ambassador discount code brought the prices down.

I placed my order on the 27th Feb and it took 2 weeks to get here (it’s coming from China, so that makes sense!) I was so excited to open this because I’m a crazy tee lady, but there was only ONE tee in the package!! I had to check my order to make sure that I’d actually ordered two things.

I emailed customer service and they said this:

Yep. You read that correctly.

They ship items separately as they use several different factories…

*insert unimpressed emoji here*

So not only did I have to wait 2 weeks, I only got half of my order. Thankfully, it was this top that arrived in the post and I am LOVING it.

I got large and it fits quite well (I’m a size 14/16) and the fabric feels SO nice! I decided that it would be perfect for any occasion so have paired it with an H&M patterned skirt, my New Look cross-body bag and these pink heels from Rubi (sorry, they’re an Aussie brand!)


I finally received the rest of my order (4 weeks after I placed my order) and I was so excited to open it that I ripped it open before I took a photo (sorry!).

I was not happy about what I found.

The Geek t-shirt was a completely different quality to the R’n’B one. The Geek one is thicker, and you can see the weave when you hold it up to the light, but it feels like it’s made of a plastic weave.

You can tell that it was made in a different factory – the quality is really poor.

Overall Opinion

I actually love the R’n’B t-shirt. It is great quality, the word placement is great (a lot of tees have the writing in a solid square that wraps under the armpits…) but the sizing isn’t for everyone.

I’m a size 14/16 so I got a Large. I think I should’ve got the XL actually, but I don’t plan on being this size for much longer so the size will be perfect once I’ve lost some weight.

In terms of the Geek t-shirt, I wouldn’t recommend it. I feel like it would be super hot and heavy to wear and it feels quite scratchy.

So yeah… Mixed feelings about this one. I can’t in good faith offer you my discount code because I’m not 100% happy with it. Yes, the R’n’B t-shirt is cute and really good quality, but the Geek t-shirt isn’t. Plus the prices aren’t really worth it.

Items purchased for this post were purchased using an ambassador discount code.

I ordered a couple of tees from Poppy Apparel. Let's just say that the results are mixed...
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