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How To Treat Yourself When You’re Totally Broke

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One of my favourite quotes is “treat yourself”. I’m also terrible at budgeting my money: if I see something, I want to buy it now.

This is me every Wednesday when I get paid. My Mastercard and I skip to Westfield Bondi and pick up things I know I’m never going to need so here’s how to still treat yourself self when you’re broke.

Cash is King

I’m part of the plastic generation that just hands over their bank card and prays it doesn’t get declined. It’s even worse now due to contactless, but when shopping with cash, you know exactly how much you have left. Then you can cry into your $5 latte about how poor you are.


I know that sales don’t come round often, but they are the perfect place to treat yourself. Yes, it usually makes you stressed just looking at the sale rails, but listening to soothing music is proven to lower your anxiety. So put on that acoustic playlist and get looking.

When H&M had their sale a few weeks ago, I went in and got 3 outfits for $80. Yes, it’s not always glamorous, but there are some real gems if you’re patient.


Hands up who feels amazing after a long bath with bubbles and a book? Yeah me!

The best things are the thing you do for yourself, so go to your local supermarket and get yourself some things for a bath.

I’m not part of the bath bomb movement, but I love bubbles in my bath. Radox does 10 bath soaks but my favourite is their Sleep Easy bath soak because it’s got jasmine and chamomile and I have trouble sleeping.

I know that it’s hard to live a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget, but we can do it together!

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  1. love this cause this is currently my situation!! i’m home for the summer from school with no job & it’s a little rough. bath & body works have their amazing seasonal sale going on right now (: super good deals if you’re in need of treating yourself
    xo, Nora

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