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10 Things You Need From Victoria’s Secret

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Did you catch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai?? If not, you can catch up here.

As much as I love Victoria’s Secret’s underwear, it’s not made for big boobs.

Having said that they still have PINK and the sports collection, and I already have some of their PINK range. So here is my Christmas wish list (even if they don’t have it in my size!)

Foldover Waist Yoga Pant

black victoria's secret yoga pants

I have these already, but with a white waistband and they are the COMFIEST things I’ve ever worn.

I don’t do yoga (maybe I should…) but these are perfect with an oversized jumper for when you need to leave the house but want to still feel like you stayed at home.

I style mine with Converse and a hoodie and they never let me down.

Price: £36.38

Crossover Tunic

 VS Strappy front Varsity Pullover Tunic

I can’t survive without a hoodie and this one looks perfect! With fleece inside, it’s perfect for the chilly English nights, but can be worn with a vest top in summer.

Style it with skinny jeans, or the yoga pants above and you’re ready for a night of Netflix and popcorn.

Available in 4 colours, you can’t go wrong with it really.

Price: £34.46 or 2 for £59.08

Duffle Bag

silver mini duffle bag VS

As a cheer coach, I need to carry a lot with me. Whiteboards, change of clothes, emergency contact forms.

This bag looks perfect for me, especially with the side pocket where I can store my headphones and pens.

The classic grey colour means that it can go from gym to weekend away, and will hold everything you need.

Price: £32.44

Sports Bra

ladder back VS sports bra

It wouldn’t be a Tralisty Style post without the appearance of underwear.

I love sports bras and crop tops. They’re super comfortable and the best thing to wear when I don’t want to struggle with underwires.

This one zips up the front which appeals to me SO much, I can’t even explain. Having to struggle with hooks behind your back when you’re also trying to rearrange your fun bags is not that fun! So having a front zip is the next thing that I want to try.

Price: £34.41

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