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My Holy Grail Curly Products

I’ve been on my natural hair journey for 4 months now (how has it been that long already??) and I’ve tried a lot of products.

When I first started my curly hair journey, I used the Twisted Sista range of products and that really did nothing to help my hair so I went to Spring hair salon for a wash to allow my hair to start fresh.

But then I found some amazing products that my hair just loves!

Curls Unleashed Conditioner

I found Curls Unleashed in my local black hair shop and decided to give the Leave-In Conditioner a try because it smelled so good.

I think it smells like the pink and blue bottle sweets (you know the ones that smell like bubblegum?) and I love it so much. My friend Maggie actually thinks it smells like something else but she can’t think of what it is. I’ll get back to you when she decides on the smell.

The best thing (for me) about this leave-in conditioner is that it actually holds my hair, almost like there’s gel in the product. I’m almost positive that it doesn’t, but I find that I can just use this and my curls will hold almost all day.

Shea Moisture Smoothie

I can’t do a holy grail hair post without mentioning Shea Moisture!!

I took the plunge and bought the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Restore Smoothie* from the black hair shop (it’s the only place I’ve found it apart from Amazon!). It doesn’t really have a smell, but you should only use a little bit on your hair. The package says to apply sparingly if you’re using heat and I don’t want to risk using too much!

I mix it with some of the Curls Unleashed conditioner and apply it to sectioned wet hair.

I don’t even diffuse my hair anymore, just make sure leave it be as it dries, occassionally shaking my hair at the roots (as if you’re giving yourself a scalp massage!)

Magic Formula

Together, they give my hair so much moisture and I can feel that my hair is getting healthier every single time I wash it.

My hair is so curly that people look and say that they never knew my hair was so curly! People are also astounded when I say that I straightened it for 12 years!

It’s taken 4 months for it to get this far and I cannot wait to see how my hair is in another 4 months once I try some more products. I’ve even stopped blowdrying it and just let it dry naturally.

If you’re on the natural hair journey, please keep going. Resist the temptation to start straightening it because it just puts your progress back.

Daily Refresh

This is something that I’ve been a bit rubbish at.

When I wake up for work at 6am, my hair is the last thing that I want to deal with so I just shove it into a messy bun and leave the house.

Recently though, I’ve been making an effort to refresh. My hair needs all the moisture it can get!

All I do is spray it with water and then run some leave-in conditioner through it. I don’t bother separating my hair or brushing it, I just put in the conditioner and clip up my fringe (my go-to hairstyle now!) The aim of this is to get the moisture back into my curls and give it the love it deserves.

My curls are really thanking me for it because it’s producing the most beautiful curls I’ve seen. Now, I look in the mirror and call my hair beautiful. Yes I talk to my hair; it needs encouragement after hating it for all this time!

Confidence is a By-Product

Curls are more than just a hairstyle.

I probably wouldn’t even call it a hairstyle – my hair just does whatever it wants! I can wake up one day and my curls will be luscious and free, or my scalp can be dry and itchy. It’s a constant surprise with curly hair, and I’m fully embracing it!

I find curls that I love and tell my hair that it’s doing an amazing job and that I love it more every day. I think that this is actually helping because I’m more confident now – I love my hair and that is giving me such confidence.

I wear my hair down a lot, I find myself checking myself out when I walk past a window and I’ve started to care about my outward appearance. And hell yes, I did just buy a pink t-shirt!

Who knew that hair would be a gateway to that?

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