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Make Up Palette Hoarder

Looking back at my very first makeup post, you wouldn’t think that I’d be collecting make up palettes. I might not use them but they are loved!

I decided that now would be a good time to share the love for my favourite palettes – how many do you have?

Pure – £4

This was how it all started.

I popped into Primark (as you do) and I saw this beauty. I knew that I only wear neutral shades and the Pure palette was perfect for me. Some matte shades and some shimmers, along with some blues to help bring a pop of colour to your natural look.

Yes, I’ve already used it (I actually did my Mum’s and my sister’s make up for weddings that they were guests at) and they are just gorgeous.

I have to admit that they’re a bit powdery and there’s a lot of fallout around the colour (check me out!) but what can you expect from a £4 palette? It’s perfect if you’re just learning and experimenting with makeup, like me.

Imogenation x Revolution – £10

When I saw that Imogenation had done a collab with Revolution, I just knew that I had to get it. There was no chance that I wasn’t buying it and supporting one of my favourite YouTubers.

The colours are just gorgeous and the names are even better! If you’ve watched any of her videos, you’ll recognise a few of the names: baby girl, huns, angels… It was a match made in heaven.

I only wanted to use it when I was good at makeup, but it was so easy to use that I dove right in! I created this look using the palette and I look like a better version of myself – which is exactly what makeup should do for you!

Bronze Me Up Highlight and Contour – £6

I got this beauty for only £3 because they were all in the sale.

I used the contour shade for my Halloween look and it was perfect to define my cheekbones against the pale foundation. I’ve never used cream contour so those ones might stay perfectly unused, but those highlighters are just stunning.

Bronze Full Face – £3

This beauty was also £3 because they were bringing out new palettes. It was originally £6 and you get 2 highlighters, 2 contour shades, 4 eyeshadow shades and 4 lip shades.

Nay at Beauty Addict Mama has said that the lip shades are more like tinted lipglosses, but I’ve gifted this to my Mum as a starter make up thing. She keeps asking for a nude eyeshadow palette, and I keep reminding her of this one so I’m guessing she’ll just buy loads and be a hoarder like me!

Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Blush – £3

My goodness, Revolution is killing the affordable makeup game, aren’t they?!

This little beauty was only £3 and I plan on using some of these as highlighters (probs totally what they’re there for, but let me have this moment!). I mean, look at the galaxy effects on the ones in the middle??

I’ve actually just bought another blush palette which has more pink tones (but shhhh! Don’t tell my Mum…) and I can’t wait to make a full look using these gorgeous palettes and feel like a goddess.

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    1. I recommend you get in quick!! I’m not sure they’ll have the Pure palette in for much longer as it gets closer to Christmas. But it is stunning! xo

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