What to Wear – Winter Edit

I’m typing this as I’m sat on the balcony of Hotel Ravesis in a vest top, sipping rose in 30-degree weather.

In 4 days, I will be getting on a plane back to England, and more importantly, back to an English autumn, so I have to start thinking about winter clothes!

I absolutely LOVE winter: the mulled wine, the Christmas markets, the possibility of snow (and the inevitable sludge that follows the next day *sigh*). But the BEST thing about winter is getting to layer up your clothes.

The Coat

You can’t beat a classic peacoat and this one from Next is only £60.

If you have a bigger chest (like me!) then you’ll need to go and try it on in store – double-breasted coats aren’t known for being tailored for bigger chests but this one is so beautiful that it’s worth trying on.

Next actually have a really nice collection of coats so go in and have a look, but make sure to go to one of the bigger stores.

The T-shirt

I am a huge lover of slogan and logo t-shirts, but I will always love a band tee.

I’m a strong believer in only wearing the shirt if you can name 3 or more songs. Everyone seems to be wearing Nirvana tops and probably couldn’t tell you who the lead singer is (not cool, kids).

My brother is in a band so would rep Nine Dart Finish if/when they bring out official merch, but for now, I’ll stick with my Elway t-shirt that’s super exclusive because you can only get them at their shows.

The Jeans

You can’t beat a pair of high-waisted black skinnies. Perfect for every occasion, you can dress them up or down (and you can pull them over your tummy when you’ve eaten too much pizza, WIN!)

These classics from New Look are my go-to (£25.99, currently on sale). I’ve had 2 pairs and am planning on buying another as soon as I land in the UK.

The Shoes

When I was trying to decide on the shoes, I could decide what sort of shoe to feature. Boots? Heels? Everyday shoe? But I couldn’t not show you these beautiful Caddy Belle boots from Clarks (£150).

You are buying comfort, style and longevity when you buy boots from Clarks. I bought a pair in the sale at the end of 2015 and they’re still amazingly comfortable.

What are your favourite things for winter?

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