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I am a crazy lady for a slogan tee. Whether it’s a band, slogan, Harry Potter, there HAS to be something on my t-shirt.

So here are my favourite places to get slogan tees. Enjoy!

Poppy Apparel

Poppy Apparel popped into my inbox asking me to be a Brand Ambassador.

I’d never heard of them before so scoped out their website and OH MY GOODNESS I AM GLAD I DID!!

Just look at these tees!


Clothes start at £8 (but charges in US$) so you’re bound to find something you like, free delivery and 10% off when you use the code TRALISTY10.

Sugar Hill Boutique

star printed shirt

I found this brand while researching for this post and I fell in love with this shirt.

It’s a bit pricey at £45 but I have a feeling that it’ll be one of those that you wear for every occasion. Dress it up with a leather skirt and heels, wear it to work or just for your Saturday errands.

They’ve also got lace dresses, super cute sweaters and a #WearAndCare collection.

They have teamed up with three UK charities (Born Free, Whoopsadaisy and Plan International UK), where £10 of each product goes to the relevant charity.

Gorgeous and good for the world!

In Love With Fashion

sashay away tshirt

I love when you’re just stumbling through the internet and you discover some absolute gems.

ILWF is one of those gems.

This gorgeous Sashay Away tee is perfect for any RuPaul’s Drag Race fan (me! Over here, me!!) and has just enough sass for any wardrobe.

I’d wear it with classic skinny jeans and Converse, probably with my Allstar Cheerleading jacket because I practically LIVE in that jacket!

The best bit is this tee is only £16.99 and there are so many styles that I think I might be able to get one for every day of the month.


guns n roses tshirt

You can’t do a Tralisty style post without Boohoo making a feature.

Whether you’re after a dress for your big night out, or stuff to get your sweat on, Boohoo has it all.

I love their FIT collection (even though the most exercise I do is walking to the fridge….) and their basics range is always a winner.

Imagine how happy I was when I discovered this beauty for only £16! Yes, you read that correctly. £16 for a licensed tee, and because it’s licensed, the band gets some money back for them using the image (unlike a LOT of fashion nowadays).

BRB, just going shopping…

This post contains an Ambassador discount code.

Using this will cost you nothing but I will earn a small commision.

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