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My First Day in Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Jet lag is real. Hella real. I arrived at Sydney airport at around 7:20am after a 24-hour journey and had to face the train with my massive backpack and cabin suitcase in morning rush hour. Not fun.

When I got to the hostel, they wouldn’t check me in without payment (even though I told them that I needed to go to the bank and had sat for over an hour in reception) so I had to trek to the city and find my bank.

I have to admit, having that Mastercard in my purse made everything real. I’m in Sydney. I have a bank account, a savings account and a ‘super’ account (apparently that’s for tax and not hero training. Bummer.) and it’s actually happening.

After checking in, my first port of call was the shower.

Oh my goodness did I smell. 24 hours travelling and a crappy shower in Dubai airport did nothing for my personal hygiene (check out my post about surviving the flight here) but the sunrise as we went over Uluru view made it all worth it.

Getting Lost

Once clean and feeling like myself, I went for a walk with my phone in my pocket, remembering landmarks so I could find my way back. I ended up in Woolloomooloo.

Now, it’s very pretty with a harbour, but it’s at the bottom of a hill. I don’t like hills. Neither did my £15 ASOS sandals (note to self: must buy sensible sandals and canvas bag) but there are some amazing things in Sydney, from the Opera House to these absurd birds.

Ibis bird with long beak

They’re called ibis and they will sit next to you while you’re eating your lunch, like an over-friendly stranger on the bus who really wants to be your friend.

You’ll also see brightly coloured birds and crows that laugh. You’ll rarely see cats but you’ll see a lot of tiny dogs being dragged by women in sports leggings holding a soy latte from a very hip coffee shop.

But my advice to you is this. As long as you have the address of where you’re staying written down, go and explore.

Get wonderfully lost.

You’ll find your way back, if not you can just order a taxi.

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