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I Wish I’d Known – Moving To Sydney

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Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It gives clarity, can ease a broken heart, but mostly, it teaches lessons.

Here are a few things I wish I’d known before I moved to Sydney.

The time difference sucks

When I arrived, I was 12 hours ahead of the UK, which made it easier to talk to my Mum, but when the clocks changed for the season, it changed to 9 hours difference.

I use to call Mum on the way to work and she’d be relaxing at home, but I can only talk to her at the weekends now (ok, we WhatsApp, but that’s not the same.)

You’ll romanticise your life back home

When you start thinking about your life back home, you’ll see it through rose-tinted glasses. You’ll miss people you didn’t really like before, you’ll forget the reasons why you left and you’ll crave the familiarity of home.

I get on ok with my family (some better than others!), but there are definitely reasons why I chose to move away from them. The longer I was here, I forgot all of those reasons and I was only reminded of them when I told my family I was moving back to the UK.

You will promise yourself that you’ll go to the beach

But you won’t. It’s too far away, you have to get a bus back to your flat or walk up that hill…

I live in Bondi, I can literally see the sea when I walk out of my flat, how many times have I been to the beach? Erm…. Maybe 10 times?

Unless you do yoga on the beach, or you REALLY like Doughnut Time, you probably won’t go that often.

You’ll make friends with more English people

There are groups of expats. You somehow manage to find people from your home country, and you’ll be friends. You probably won’t make friends with any Aussie people, and that’s ok.

You’ll have grand plans, and do none of them

I planned to wake up with sunrise, go to the gym 4 times a week and become vegetarian.

I snooze my alarm until I have 20 minutes to leave the house, I’m just paying to have the Fitness First Platinum gym card and I’ve had more chicken than Nando’s.

If you’re one of those people who have grand plans and do them, then have an amazing time, everything is actually amazing in Sydney. But if you’re like me, it’s ok to not do what you actually wanted to do.

It’s expensive

When people told me it was expensive, I thought “I’ve lived in London, how expensive can it be?”

It hurts my soul that 2 t-shirts for $70 is a good deal here. You literally have to decide whether you want good quality clothes or you want to pay your rent, that’s why I spend so much money at H&M.

$18 for a cocktail suddenly becomes a good deal and you’ll throw away half of your paycheck on rent (but that’s the same anywhere).

Sydney is an amazing city and it feels like a home for me, but I cannot wait to get back to Primark and Ann Summers for reasonably priced clothes, and a city that won’t stop me progressing in my career.

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  1. Love this blog post! I’m moving to Melbourne in two months and reading someone else experience is so interesting and helpful, will love to read more of your posts about your experience!

  2. Where are you buying your tshirts? Two for $70 is not a good deal at all and is a complete rip off! The one secret to shopping in Sydney is to go to Westfield (any of them) and shop at all the cute non-high street stores you’ll find in the malls around them! Sydney is actually really cheap to live in – you just need to know where to shop!

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