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Is Canada Calling?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I spent 7 months in Sydney, Australia in 2017, and you’ll also know that I get itchy feet and want to explore as many places as I can. I’ve recently been looking at my next adventure and thought about doing a Work Program in Canada.

I tend to speak to my sister about these things first to test the waters. If she thinks it’s a terrible idea, she’ll say so and it’s time to find a new plan. The only thing she said was I better start saving if it’s what I wanted to do next. That’s as good as her jumping up and down with excitement. So I mentioned it to Mum.

Mum’s The Word

Normally, Mum’s reaction to things is the clincher. If she hesitates, you probably shouldn’t do it. She hesitated when I was thinking of moving to London and I only lasted 3 months. She was supportive of Sydney and I lasted 7 months. I wouldn’t have come home if it was for finding a lump in my right breast.

Whilst watching Wanted Down Under (a show where people plan on moving to Australia or New Zealand), I mentioned that I was looking at going to Canada for the BUNAC Work and Intern Program. I tend to word-vomit information at her to answer any questions she might have, mainly to try and convince her that I’ve done my research. So I said something along these lines:

“I’ve been looking at doing a work and intern thing with BUNAC in Canada and it looks like it’s going to cost about £3000 including the funds you need to have. They set you up with an internship and a job that you do part-time and they have loads of different intern placements like PR and Fashion and Marketing. The flights are about £300 and you can choose a homestay instead of staying in a hostel which I’m thinking of doing.”

I think I managed to convince her in my ramble because she mentioned that the flights were reasonable and 8 hours isn’t very far so she could come and see me. She also liked the idea of me being in a homestay because it’s almost like a ready-made family.

Get a Job…

So what next? Unfortunately, it’s to get a job that pays enough for me to save another £2000, which could be tricky. Temp jobs are hard to come by and they don’t pay amazingly well. I love temp jobs though and I’m crossing my fingers that it comes soon. Mum keeps showing me random jobs she’s “come across”, which is very annoying; almost like she thinks I’m hoping a job drops in my lap…


Next is contacting BUNAC. They have 3 options that I’m looking at and I’m really not sure which one to go for.

Ultimate Work Canada

Cost: £499

With the Ultimate package, you are set up with a job before you go, a couple of nights’ accommodation to get you started, plus everything you’d get with the Essential package.

Essential Package

Cost: £359

The Essentials package is a lot more basic. You get a lot of help with the visa (they only give out 5000 a year to UK citizens!), help with your CV to land a job and a couple of nights’ accommodation when you get to Canada.

Work and Intern Program

Cost: £899

This is the one I’m looking at because they set you up with a part-time internship and a part-time job before you touch down in Vancouver.

With internships in PR, IT and Graphic Design and jobs in retail and offices across the city, this seems like the best option for me. Having an internship means you get all the hands-on experience I wouldn’t be able to get here.

Oh Canada!

So this is it. I’ve spoken to someone at BUNAC and I’m just waiting for an email from the Work and Intern specialist who I’ll be able to ask loads of questions.

Don’t worry, I’ll be documenting my journey so keep your eyes peeled!

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