When I was 25, I decided that I’d had enough of my life in Birmingham and wanted to move. Not because it wasn’t a good life, but because I was living the same day over and over and calling it a life.

I would get up, go to work, come home, go to bed. At the weekends, I’d sleep in, watch tv, eat, go to bed.

I decided something had to change so I booked a one-way ticket to Sydney and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. And here’s why.

Be Whoever You Want To Be

Do you want to be that person everyone knows? Will you become a vegetarian? A yogi? Dye your hair? Get tattoos?

Then do it. You can be whoever you want to be when you’re in a city of strangers.

Start Fresh

Back in Birmingham, I had a routine (even though it was boring) and it was safe. When I walked out of that airport, I had no routine, no safety net. I was forced to create a life for myself. I walked into the hostel and was forced to start a life for myself.

Everyday Magic

You know what my first thought was that convinced me that Australia was amazing? They have double decker trains.

You heard me. Double. Decker. Trains.

Yes, it’s something silly that has now become part of my everyday life, but something that I’d never seen before made me realise that I wasn’t in Birmingham anymore.


Nothing forces you to become independent than living in a strange city on my own. You have to do adult things like food shopping and budgeting. Ew. I’m sorry I said those words.

I’m so lucky to have an amazing housemate in Lucy that we’re creating a little nest in Bondi, but I’m making decisions every day that affect my life here.

I’m not saying move halfway across the world.¬†Even if you only move to another suburb or another city, it will force you to start over. When I moved to Sydney, it forced me to start fresh and find my feet in an environment I’ve never been in.

If you’re not happy, something has to change – what will you choose?

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