Surviving The Flight

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I love flying. Give me a window seat and I will stare out of it until it gets dark. But there’s only so much staring you can do on a 23-hour flight. So what should you do instead?

In-Flight Entertainment

If you’re flying Emirates, they release the entertainment available at beginning of the month. They tend to have the latest films so I watched Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children and The Accountant (both amazing, by the way).

Here are the ones I could find for you lovely people:

If you’ve had enough of films, a lot of the airlines have new music and podcasts on the entertainment system. Some even have games so make sure you press all the buttons when you get to your seat.

Magazines / Books

Don’t even think about buying your magazines and books at the airport. It costs so much more, even the magazines with a price already on them. I’m almost positive they have airport versions that are more expensive.

Load up on books from a cheap bookstore like The Works. A lot of the titles they have are on a 3 for £5 deal so it won’t matter if you leave them on the plane. And it won’t matter if you don’t finish them (let’s be honest, they’re probably terrible!)

Or you can get free Kindle books. You can find some real gems on there, but there are loads of rubbish ones one there. It doesn’t matter though because they’re free!


The nerd in me loves puzzles. I love Sudoku, Kriss Kross, not so great at crosswords but I love them. You’d be surprised how smart you feel when you complete 5 puzzles in the space of one flight (even if it took you 10 hours to do them!)

Get Creative

If you like to think of yourself as an artist or a writer, why not do it on the plane? Even if you don’t think you’re great at drawing or writing, it’s fun to try. Just grab some paper and let yourself go.

You don’t even have to show anyone, it can go straight in the bin as soon as you get off the plane, just let your imagination go wild!

Research Your Destination

Before you board, buy a travel guide like this one from Lonely Planet.

I was so lucky that my sisters bought this for my birthday and it’s been a lifesaver!

It has every single tourist thing that you could ever want to see so you can just flick through and make an itinerary of everything you want to see. If you’re lucky, you might get the one with a pull-out Sydney map!

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