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What to Pack – Working Holiday Visa

When I was packing for my Working Holiday in Australia, I had a pile of clothes that I wanted to take. T-shirts, work clothes, a couple of pairs of shorts…

The first thing you need to ask yourself…

What type of work will you be doing?

If you’re planning on doing office work, then you need at least 5 outfits that you can wear. You’ll be putting these in rotation, so maybe pack 6 so you can at least have a little variety (you will undoubtedly shop at H&M while you’re there, but you need the basics).

If you’ll be doing bar work, then bring all black. Black jeans, black tops, black trainers. Two pairs of jeans should be enough, maybe a pair of leggings as well.

Of course, there are other types of work, but these are the main two groups.

When are you going?

I went at the end of February so at the end of their summer. I landed in 25 degrees and it didn’t get colder until June so I needed loads of summer clothes (check out my first day here).

If you’re landing in June, it’s pretty cold. When I say pretty cold, I mean about 16 degrees. The wind will cut straight through you, but the sky is still blue and beautiful.

Where are you going?

Where you go will depend on what you need to pack. The further south you go, the colder it is. They say that Melbourne is like England in that it rains quite a lot. Anything north of Sydney is a constant summer due to it being closer to the equator, which is why Sydney is perfect for me.

It’s warm but you can tell the difference between the seasons.

What are your favourite items?

I love my logo t-shirts and I really regret not bringing my favourites with me.

I have Guns N Roses, Coco-Cola, Harry Potter… Obviously, I took the Harry Potter one with me, but the others were actually left out of the bag at the last minute and I could kick myself.

If you’re the type of girl who loves her heels, bring a couple of pairs with you. You’ll regret it if you don’t. If you only wear grey jeans, bring a few pairs with you because you probably won’t find the ones you like here!

Beat The Packing Blues

I hate packing, even for holidays, so having to pack for my Working Holiday was done the day before. I went in February and knew it was around 20 degrees so packed a load of summer clothes, not thinkingĀ it ever gets cold… Not true.

I gathered every single item of clothing, took it downstairs and put them all in piles. I picked out my favourite things and put everything else in a suitcase and in the loft, so I was left with things I liked.

I knew I was going to do office work so packed 7 work outfits and some sensible shoes. Then, the t-shirts I wanted, then my favourite jeans…

Roll everything. That is the best tip I can give you. Roll it all!

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